You've done it. That shiny, new Ascent is sitting in your driveway and you're ready for easy rides to your favorite places around town.

It's a great feeling, but it's also important to remember that buying a car comes with responsibilities, ones you may not even be aware of until now.

The word of the day is "maintenance". If you want your new car to stay looking and feeling new for as long as possible, you need to keep up with regular maintenance.

Check out these helpful tips on things you should look out for with your new Subaru!

1. If it says "Check Engine", check the engine

Your car has a well-designed, user-friendly dashboard for a reason. Every single one of those alerts serves an important purpose in warning you of possible engine issues-some of which can damage your engine over time and some of which can leave you stranded on the side of the highway.

If your car is beeping and lighting up its "Check Engine" warning, then listen to it! Swing by C&S Subaru and we'll gladly ready your car's diagnostics to address any service issues it may have. Making appointments to check that light keeps your vehicle healthy, saving you thousands of dollars in engine repair costs over time.

2. Change your oil

General rule of thumb is that your Subaru's oil should be changed every 3k to 5k miles. If you tend to take your car through rougher conditions (think: off-road treks vs. city commutes), then that distance could be even shorter.

Nice, clean oil is vital for the running of any engine, and a Subaru is no different. Letting worn-out oil gunk up your engine can make your Subaru's parts start to grind against one another, not only creating an annoying sound to ornament your mornings, but potentially damaging important (and expensive) components!

Changing oil is quick and easy at our service center, extending your car's lifespan by years by taking a few hours a month for regular maintenance.

3. Change your filters

Speaking of oil, it runs through a filter that gets changed every time your oil is replaced. Your oil filter, however, is not the only filter you should remember to maintain.

As you drive your car, dust and grit will slowly clog up your air filter, preventing it from efficiently cycling air into your engine compartment. This means more gas used, worse engine performance, and-in some cases-engine damage.

Just like your oil, taking that hour to have your air filter replaced every few months or every few thousand miles can be a car-saver.

4. Keep a schedule

We keep mentioning the importance of regular maintenance, but you only know it's regular if you keep track of it!

Writing down the times you take your Subaru in for service lets you know the next time it needs maintenance. Whether you go by date or mileage (or both, better yet), be sure to note it somewhere, so your maintenance isn't random and sporadic.

5. Inspect your Subaru whenever you can

It only takes a few minutes to give your Subaru a quick inspection that nonetheless gives you a good idea of your car's health.

Every (or every other) time you take your BRZ for a spin, give those tires a kick to check their pressure; if your foot sinks in, then it's time to get them filled.

Likewise, crouch down and check the treads. A neat trick is to insert a penny into the cracks between them; if the penny sticks out, it's time to replace your tires.

After you're done with that, pop the hood and check the fluid levels (look for oil, transmission fluid, and brake fluid). Check out your Subaru owner's manual to see how to check those fluids; doing so gives you a good indication of when you should take your car in to replace that gunky oil or that low transmission fluid.

6. Adjust to your climate

This one is a bit trickier, since it depends on where you live. At least here in Waterloo, those cold Iowa winters can take a toll on your engine if you don't give it time to heat up before driving off to work.

Especially if your car is parked outdoors, you should give your car one minute so that its temperature can reach optimal working levels. If not, you run the risk of having your parts run momentarily without any circulated oil which (if you recall from above) makes them grind together, wearing them out faster and potentially damaging them.

But, make sure not to idle for too long. A minute is enough-anything more than that is spent gas and wasted time.

Maintenance is the cornerstone of being a responsible owner. Regular oil changes and tire replacements will keep your Subaru reliably operating for years to come, giving you those safe, smooth rides you wanted when you first left C&S Subaru.

In short: take care of your Subaru and it'll take care of you.

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