Before you purchase a vehicle, there's a series of important documents that you need to sign. One of these necessary and vital things is the car title. You may have wondered what it's for, but it is essentially the form that makes you the legal owner of a vehicle. You will get one whenever you buy a new or used car. Here at C&S Subaru, we break down the basic information every car owner needs to know about this necessary paper.

Car Title 101: What You Should Now

It makes sense that your car title would come from whatever state you bought the car in. It's important to familiarize yourself with their title processing requirements. Typically, the information you'll find on the title is similar no matter which state you reside in. The information included would be:

  • Details used to identify your vehicle (VIN number, the make, model, year the vehicle was made)
  • The license plate number
  • Your full name and current address
  • Color of the vehicle
  • Date when title was issued

Understanding How The Car Title Works

As previously stated, the car title will prove that you own the vehicle. This information becomes imperative should your vehicle get stolen, it gets impounded, or if you plan to sell it. At C&S Subaru, we help you handle the title process which includes getting your registration/license plate. It's also vital to understand that the car title technically belongs to whoever provides your loan. One you pay the vehicle in full, you then receive this document that shows you are the owner free and clear.

What Are The Different Types Of Car Titles? 

Car titles are usually described with four different adjectives, as outlined below. Understanding your title is important should you decide to sell or transfer it.

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1. Clean- A clean title means the vehicle doesn't have any history of a major accident, or referred to as "totaled" by an insurance provider. 

2. Clear- A clear title means you own the vehicle without any liens. If you've had a loan, you've paid it in full and the lender has sent you the title.

3. Salvage- If the title is considered salvage, this means the car has been deemed undriveable in its current state. 

4. Rebuilt- A rebuilt title is exactly what it sounds like, meaning the vehicle has been fixed, but it still may need additional repairs.

Why Are Car Titles Important? 

Your car title is perhaps the most important documentation you'll need regarding your vehicle. Per state law, there are specific documents that will need to be submitted to the motor department to receive a valid title. Other than your house, your car is probably one of your biggest investments. Only having the keys doesn't prove you are the rightful owner. Trying to replace a lost title can cause some become a bit of a hassle, so it's recommend to keep it in a secure spot in the home, such as a safe or wherever else you place important valuables.

How Can Our Dealership Help If You're Trading In?

You may be wondering how the process works if you're looking to trade in your current vehicle with a loan that isn't paid in full. This situation also can make transferring of the title confusing, but C&S Subaru handles it for you. Here's what you can expect in the process. 

  • Explore a new vehicle that meets your budget and lifestyle.
  • We will provide a fair trade-in value to use as equity towards the new vehicle.
  • Bring all necessary paperwork, including current loan information, a driver's license, registration, proof of insurance, and keys.
  • Our friendly experts handle the necessary paperwork, which includes title transfer of your old vehicle.

The Bottom Line About Car Titles

  • A car title is a legal document- it proves you are the owner of a vehicle.
  • It includes important information, such as VIN number and details about the owner/car
  • You receive the official title once you've paid your loan in full

Why Choose C&S Subaru In Waterloo, IA?

Our finance department understands how important necessary documents are when you're getting ready to buy a vehicle. There is an extensive process when you purchase a vehicle, and our customers entrust we have the knowledge and integrity to have your best interest in mind. If you are interested in checking out a new or used Subaru, we'd love to hear from you. We can also answer any questions you may have regarding car titles or other necessary documentation.